Dubstep,… Bad Idea

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This week in AP English 4 we discussed about some of the needs we would like to fix around our community by coming up with “Bad Ideas”. This involved no worries involving money, just as long that it could be possible. So what we did was form groups, not necessarily the groups that we have for our what if project, to come up with some examples of “Bad Ideas”. Mr. Theriaut’s example was to fire all the teachers at the school so then the school would save a lot of money, students could study whatever they wanted when they wanted, and the students could come to school at any time of the morning.  I was in a group with Carey and Johnny with which we came up with bad ideas such as: have they parent drop off the student at certain location where a school shuttle would take them to school, avoiding the restlessness of traffic. Another idea I had was to have all the students ride their bike to school.

On this note, haha note, music, relating back to music, a very bad idea is Dubstep. Some could argue that Dubstep is music in a sense that there is a variety of different pitches of frequencies of whatever it is that makes this music.  All in all I am not a fan of Dubstep, maybe techno, but definitely not Debstep. It just sounds like warping elements together in a black hole trying to escape. Listen to it yourself, it could be a different dialect of this universal language.


Papa Don’t Preach

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Today in class we read a couple pages of Shakespeare’s Othello. What has happened so far in the beginning is Roderico likes Desdemona and is trying to win her love by giving Iago, the “trustworthy” companion of the leader of the army, Othello. When Iago and Roderico being talking about his situation to win Desdemona, Iago encourages him to go and wake the senator Brabantio, the father of Desdemona, to confess to him his love for her. Let us remember that this is taking place very very late at night when everyone is sleeping. When Brabantio finally arises to the calling of his name the two of them tell him that Desdemona is gone from the house and has gone to be married with a Moor, an outsider, one who does not have permission from the woman’s father. After the senator arranges all his officers to go and seize this Moor, Othello, they take him to the Duke to right the punishment for Othello’s treason against the senator. Othello claims that he did not use any act of force to take his daughter and force her to marry him. He says that he fell in love with her and she with him by telling her of the suffrage he has gone through to be the person he is today.  To settle the truth they brought Desdemona in for her to tell her father that she is married to him with love in her heart.

In this youtube video that I have posted here is of a song called Papa Don’t Preach by Madonna and it’s lyrics remind me of Desdemona telling her father that she is no longer a little girl and can make decisions on her own. The song also sings that Madonna, like Desdemona, wants to be with her baby. She will always be his little girl, but she wants to marry him and be with him.