Caravan Palace Brings the Beat

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This is a must see video! Caravan Palace surely knows how to get the party on its feet. These guys are talented and amazing because their inspiration is from the 1920’s but have the back beats of today’s music to create a perfect combination of rhythms and melodies.


Music to inspire dance moves isn’t hard to find these days. However, a retro sound that inspires the Charleston, the Breakaway or if you’re particularly fast-footed the Lindy Hop, is not a common occurance. French artist, Caravan Palace does just that utilizing clarinet, double bass, electronics, trombone, vibraphone, percussion, guitar and violins with enough energy to get you riled up in a frenzy of toe-tapping tantrums. This Electro-swing sound combines old 20s inspired jazz and swing beats with a modern electronic twist that at times even gives off a trip hop vibe.

The band formed in 2008 and released their first self-titled album that same year; followed up by Panic in 2012. The band tours regularly and this year they are on the Coachella bill and are making a stop in Solana Beach between festival weekends. Not only will you find yourself ready to let your body shimmy and your knees rattle…

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Time to Suit Up

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Yesterday was the big day! Festival time. The moment of truth the entire Wind Ensemble had been looking forward to this concert season. When it’s concert time, you know what that means, it’s time to suit up, or tuxedo up for the guys. The festival we played at was at Beckman high school in Irvine. When I arrived I thought that it was a private school because of how clean, proper, and respected the school and students were. The FVHS Wind Ensemble performed two pieces: Shenandoa by Frank Ticheli, and Jubilance by …. So in our Ensemble we have 5 trumpets, including myself. However, two of the players are on the baseball team at my school, and they happen to have a game on the same day at the same time. So instead of having 5 trumpets at festival we had 3. This was a good thing and a bad thing for me. The good part was I now played the solos in the pieces. The bad part was that since we had less trumpets it’s easier for anyone to catch when anyone one of us messed up. In the end we all played our pieces very well; I hope the judges give us a high Excellent award for our performance. The piece that I have below in the video is called Donzón No. 2 by Arturo Marquez. This is one of my favorite pieces ever because of the Latin salsa feel it has to it. Trust me, you will like it. It starts off with a love song then it turns into a dance speeding up and slowing down.

Are We Recording

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Recording engineer pic

Just today I was thinking about the day we went into the gym, at school, to discuss possible careers we would like to study. The way the host came about possible options  for us was, she asked what our interests are, put them together and that would be it. For me my passions are music and engineering. Mix them together and I came up with a studio recording engineer. After I put that puzzle together I realized that it’s not a bad career option. I can imagine myself sitting in a studio recording room working the sound board for a famous pop group or singer. Truth be told, it is also a dream/goal of mine to be the person behind the microphone playing my trumpet.

Per Amore

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“By the moon I swear my love for thee Juliet”- Romeo and Juliet. Since Valentine’s Day is this Friday I’m thinking about doing something special for a girl that I like. They say that the language of love is Italian, or is it French? I forget, however I am currently learning how to speak Italian just because I’m fascinated by the language and compatibleness to Spanish. So far I have been able to understand some of the words that I have heard in conversations in YouTube videos. The phrase that I have memorized in Italian is this: Lo parlo inglese piú spangolo, which means I speak English and Spanish. Another one of the factors that motivated me to learn Italian was from hearing about this 18 year old who lives in NY that knows how to speak 20 languages! He is the only person his age who has that ability. I would like to learn a few other languages, after Italian, like Chinese (Mandarin) and French or Portuguese. It’s easy to say that you want to learn how to speak all those languages, but it isn’t until you start studying and practicing them that your word becomes reality; I have to keep that in mind. Now that I think about it last Friday Mr. Therialt used the whole class period to talk about his personal experiences with his wife and how they met. Along with that he gave us advice on what to do for that special someone that we are thinking about this Valentine’s week. I wanted to share this song with you guys because it’s a romantic Italian song by famous singer Andrea Bocelli.

Hecho en México

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Since culture is a big part of my identity and my everyday life, here is a video of a documentary that was made last year about México and all of its wonderful cultural aspects. In my eyes Guadalajara, Jalisco, the state in México where my is from, is like the California of the country because, like California, it has all the “areas” that everyone loves. It has a big main city, Guadalajara, a forest region, a beach, Puerto Vallarta, and a desert. I have gone many times in my childhood to Guadalajara and to Purepero, Michoacan, where my mom is from, to become closer to my heritage and culture. Recently my dad and I have been planning to visit my grandma again during spring break. I can’t wait to go and have the best foods that I remember having such as: lonches de puerco, coctel de camarón, liquado de chocolate, and more. My dad told me that we would also visit the University of Guadalajara! Besides all that you guys should check out this movie, especially if you are the kind of person that likes to travel.

Mi Cultura

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Just today, on a normal school morning, as I was walking over to my friend Katelyn, where we usually hang out in the morning by the cafeteria, as I approached her I was singing under my breath one of my favorite songs in Spanish. When she heard me she said, “Oh E-man, you and your Spanish music”. I responded by telling her all the wonderful things that Spanish music has taught me. To be apart of my culture’s music (Mexican) makes me feel prideful and proud to be a Mexican, especially since I know 1 guy at school who is racist to me because I’m Mexican. But I use his insults to motivate myself to work harder because I know that stereotipically a person wouldn’t think of a Mexican in a rich, high end, smart job. I want to turn that idea around, because with smarts, a high end job, and a good education comes respect. My uncle, when he used to live in Guadalajara, Jalisco went to the Univerity of Guadalajara and majored in architecture. Now he works here in the U.S. doing his job for rich older folks. Anyways, me singing at school. So when Katelyn said this, right then and there I pulled out my ipod to show her why I enjoy it so much. First I showed her a traditional mariachi song that I really like by Alejandro Fernandez called “No Sé Olvidar”. She  wasn’t too fond if it. After that I decided to show her a Spanish pop song that I knew she would like, called “Hay Algo que me Gusta de tí” by Wisin y Yandel. Check them out! This reminds me of my project that I did for Mr. Therialt, since my group talked about a cultural perspective in the book Frankenstein. I am very proud of my culture, los Mexicanos, and our traditions. My family has always kept all of our traditions, for example when I talk to my dad I do my best to only talk to him in Spanish (besides he obviously knows and understands more Spanish than English). When I was six years old, and first learning how to play the trumpet, my parents put me in a mariachi group called R.I.T.H.Y.M.O. In it I expanded my Spanish vocabulary with the songs I would learn how to sing. It was the best, I can never forget the suit, so cool! As I grow up and live on my own I still intend to practice all the traditions that my parents taught me and raised me with.


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Last week my cousin showed me this awesome video promo. for this month long concert in Switzerland called Tomorrowland. It occurs once a year towards the end of July. The way that you can go is by getting together a group of 18 friends that each pitch in a thousand dollars for their “ticket to ride”. You get to travel there in an exclusive Tomorrowland plane with other voyagers (have to be 18 or older to go). People come from all over the world to experience this adventure. With the money that the group pitches in they also get all inclusive hotel rooms at the Tomorrowland resort. This is not just a concert, they also have a Tomorrowland plaza to go enjoy other activities. I know that someday I would like to go with my friends to Tomorrowland. In a way it is like Disneyland and Disney’s Tomorrowland considering that it has these condo’s that the people stay in along with a camping sort of feeling to it because you and your friends can make a fire in a pit with the night sky above you. This reminds me of when we read Hamlet how all of soldiers have to stand guard at night patrolling around the castle in case of any invaders or attacks, especially if Poland and Norway want to really start a war for bits of land that they will risk many lives for. So at night when they are relieved of their duty they can go relax and hang out with their friends.