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If This Is It

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“I want living proof”-Othello. Now in this scene of the play Iago tells Othello a lie that would prove that he is telling him the truth about Desdemona’s unfaithfulness to him. Iago says that she likes Cassio and has given him the handkerchief that he gave to Desdemona as his first gift to her. Along with that inquiry he tells Othello about one night when they were sleeping together, since he is a soldier and needed some quarters to stay, he was talking in his sleep saying, “Sweet Desdemona let us hide our loves”, then he rolled on top of him (Iago) and kissed him a couple times.  In order to make Othello hear it from Cassio himself Othello hides while talking to Cassio, proving to have had an affair with Desdemona. So Othello hears the conversation, but Cassio is actually talking about Bianca, not Desdemona, making it seem to Othello that he is disrespecting her; plus he has his handkerchief. This makes Othello so furious that he falls into  a trance from all the pain that “she” has given him in being untrue, but it really all is the evil work of Iago. This song called If This Is It by Huey Lewis and the News has lyrics that resemble the feelings and thoughts that Othello has toward Desdemona based on what he has been told by Iago. For example in the song, ” If this ain’t love you better let me know, I wanna know”, and, “I’ve been a fool for so long”.