Heart of Darkness

My Heart of Darkness

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I don’t really want to be the guy who complains about his girl problems, but I need to get it off my chest. When I meet a seemingly nice all around girl everything flows alright in the beginning. Then when I ask her if she wants to hang out over the weekend the result is that: they say the don’t like to go out (and have fun), they just got a boyfriend yesterday, she might be out of town, she has “a lot” of “homework”, their parents won’t let them, or simply no.  Why is it that all the girls I meet and want to be with end up playing me the fool? They play around with my feelings when I’m being serious. This lost cause is beginning to form a Heart of Darkness in me that it’s starting to be difficult for me to see life through my old lens. The lens I once had freshman year where everyone was your friend, no one cared about having a boyfriend or girlfriend because we were too busy working hard and enjoying our days! I miss that lens, the new shows reality naked for what it is. It’s mean, backstabbing, lying, unfriendly, lonesome, and desperate. I was planning on going to formal dances at our school with a “date”, but now that I see the truth of it all, maybe I’ll reconsider; that side’s looking pretty good right now. Homecoming was one of the worst experiences ever last year, I won’t say what happened, all you know is that I had an awful time with no date, some good friends, not most. It’s not the reality of life that has caused me to change, believe me I know the reality of life in most places far away, it’s the other side of high school that I really hate; I’m sure we all do. When I did find the perfect girl it turns out that I can’t have her, she is too young my parents said to me. Wow so close yet so far away.  This song is one of my favorite by REO Speedwagon, a group from the 80s, hope you like it. The thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain.    



Danger Zone

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Tom Cruise is an awesome actor, am I right? I saw the movie Top Gun a little while back and the song Danger Zone by ….is so exhilarating by the way the drums push the song. Speaking of danger zones, the song reminded me of one of the themes of this book I’m reading right now called Heart of Darkness. It all starts when the protagonist, Charlie Marlow, tells a story of the time he embarked on a journey to the Congo to work for a trading Co. that wasn’t so humane as we would like to think. Charlie Marlow is on his way, as it seems from his detailed imagery, to the “Danger Zone”. When he “enlisted” to be part of a crew to sail to the Congo he felt, “not hesitant, but a startled pause”, wondering if he was part of some sort of secret scam that has been going on for a while. This song is a great one to listen to especially if you are an 80’s fan; like me.