I Care, am I the only One?

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What’s going on guys? Today was a long, and of coarse tiring, day in the life of Emmanuel. (Just throwing it out there) I sleep every night for about 4.5-5 hours. I’m not saying that I’m the only one who gets this much sleep, but, oh man, sleep is really trying to get at me all the time! We’re all busy, I know, but when it comes down to work, getting stuff done right I feel like I am the only one who strives to grasp all the knowledge that my teachers give us every day. In my AP classes this isn’t a problem, only in my 2 regular classes I’m with a group of lazy, rude, slack offs who just want to walk out the door. It’s funny how they talk about being over school when they pride themselves with the college they are “going to” assist in the future. What is college? Oh that’s right, school!! Aside from my crammed life I recently returned to listening to Bryan Adams, one of my favorite artists of all time. I picked out this certain song because he says beautiful things about this girl that he loves, and always will love, that relates to my life right now as well. I like this one girl that I’m friends with, but I’m not going to ask her out for a few reasons. Right now in high school there is less than 2 people that I know who don’t care or aren’t mature about relationships.  I know, since it’s high school, it’s a game. A roller coaster of  emotions. Hey,  I just realized that this idea is similar to the protagonist in 1984, Winston, when he is in a fascist society where thoughts are dictated by the Party and the Thought Police. He as well loves a woman for love, which is no allowed in Oceania to have an emotional reaction to anything. “Please forgive me, if I can’t stop loving you…”