Caravan Palace Brings the Beat

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This is a must see video! Caravan Palace surely knows how to get the party on its feet. These guys are talented and amazing because their inspiration is from the 1920’s but have the back beats of today’s music to create a perfect combination of rhythms and melodies.


Music to inspire dance moves isn’t hard to find these days. However, a retro sound that inspires the Charleston, the Breakaway or if you’re particularly fast-footed the Lindy Hop, is not a common occurance. French artist, Caravan Palace does just that utilizing clarinet, double bass, electronics, trombone, vibraphone, percussion, guitar and violins with enough energy to get you riled up in a frenzy of toe-tapping tantrums. This Electro-swing sound combines old 20s inspired jazz and swing beats with a modern electronic twist that at times even gives off a trip hop vibe.

The band formed in 2008 and released their first self-titled album that same year; followed up by Panic in 2012. The band tours regularly and this year they are on the Coachella bill and are making a stop in Solana Beach between festival weekends. Not only will you find yourself ready to let your body shimmy and your knees rattle…

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