A Side of O.J. (Operation Jazz)

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OJ flier

Thanks to my good friend Beverly, an ASB media tech., she helped me create a flier for my Jazz group, Operation Jazz; and if I may add, she did an amazing  job. The logo design was my own creation which Beverly brought to life with the vibrant colors and word font. We both agreed that it would be a great idea to include either a full group picture of the band or a group of individual pictures of the members at the bottom of the flier. The group is currently in practicing a new song titled Chicago by Buddy Rich. It’s a hard piece, but what’s music without a challenge. After all my old trumpet teacher once told me, “If playing an instrument was easy, everyone would do it”. Plus people don’t enjoy the easy stuff as much as the harder things that others do in life because they aren’t afraid of the challenge or risks they encounter, the only person holding someone back from fulfilling their dream is them self.

Let me go back in time for a minute to tell you the origin of Operation Jazz. “It was a bright cold day in April…”, (quote from 1984) no I’m kidding. The idea of forming a Jazz band occurred to me back in October of 2013 when my English class was assigned an innovation project that would benefit the community. The was no average volunteer, pick up trash, recycle kind of project. This was something else. My teacher, Mr. Theriault, showed us examples of how to be creative with this “Idea Farming” project; that is the name of our class step by step process that we made as we went along with out grand projects. When I began thinking about what I wanted to do, I knew it had to be music based; music is my life. When I first pitched the idea to my classmates about playing music for the public, jazz specifically, they doubted that I could pull it off and find people who would be willing to join in on my project. Hearing their comments made me want to kill the idea altogether, but I knew in my mind that I had to “stick to my guns”.

After a day or two I had time to plan out what I imagined going forward with my idea would be like. I took into account the instrumentalists I would need, spreading the word through social networking, and gigs and practices. The group that would consist of the best musicians I knew from school that would unite to form the exclusive group.


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