Time to Suit Up

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Yesterday was the big day! Festival time. The moment of truth the entire Wind Ensemble had been looking forward to this concert season. When it’s concert time, you know what that means, it’s time to suit up, or tuxedo up for the guys. The festival we played at was at Beckman high school in Irvine. When I arrived I thought that it was a private school because of how clean, proper, and respected the school and students were. The FVHS Wind Ensemble performed two pieces: Shenandoa by Frank Ticheli, and Jubilance by …. So in our Ensemble we have 5 trumpets, including myself. However, two of the players are on the baseball team at my school, and they happen to have a game on the same day at the same time. So instead of having 5 trumpets at festival we had 3. This was a good thing and a bad thing for me. The good part was I now played the solos in the pieces. The bad part was that since we had less trumpets it’s easier for anyone to catch when anyone one of us messed up. In the end we all played our pieces very well; I hope the judges give us a high Excellent award for our performance. The piece that I have below in the video is called Donzón No. 2 by Arturo Marquez. This is one of my favorite pieces ever because of the Latin salsa feel it has to it. Trust me, you will like it. It starts off with a love song then it turns into a dance speeding up and slowing down.


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