Do it With Style

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I just wanted to share this video of a Jazz trumpet player jamming because it is a big passion and influence in my life that I wanted to share. Once someone asked me  if I had a motto, what would it be. I never really thought about having a motto before in my life, but after really thinking about it, I came up with “do it with style”. This amazing trumpet player is Josh Shpek, he won the award for best jazz solo performer in 2012. He and I both share a common desire to play in a jazz ensemble that just rocks the house, which brings me to my innovation project;  Operation Jazz.  To be honest, right now my jazz group is becoming so bland. I need to get these guys into the excitement and mentality of why we made this group in the first place. Truth be told, they forget that we meet every Monday after school 3-4:30. I’m flexible when they need to skip a day due to appointments, a family plan, or because of another activity. Not just because they forgot. I remember when I saw the movie The Mambo Kings I remember the two brothers making it to the top of the Mambo world through thick and thin, but always together. What they had was style, whatever they played, and were dressed in, it all had a style.


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