Per Amore

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“By the moon I swear my love for thee Juliet”- Romeo and Juliet. Since Valentine’s Day is this Friday I’m thinking about doing something special for a girl that I like. They say that the language of love is Italian, or is it French? I forget, however I am currently learning how to speak Italian just because I’m fascinated by the language and compatibleness to Spanish. So far I have been able to understand some of the words that I have heard in conversations in YouTube videos. The phrase that I have memorized in Italian is this: Lo parlo inglese piú spangolo, which means I speak English and Spanish. Another one of the factors that motivated me to learn Italian was from hearing about this 18 year old who lives in NY that knows how to speak 20 languages! He is the only person his age who has that ability. I would like to learn a few other languages, after Italian, like Chinese (Mandarin) and French or Portuguese. It’s easy to say that you want to learn how to speak all those languages, but it isn’t until you start studying and practicing them that your word becomes reality; I have to keep that in mind. Now that I think about it last Friday Mr. Therialt used the whole class period to talk about his personal experiences with his wife and how they met. Along with that he gave us advice on what to do for that special someone that we are thinking about this Valentine’s week. I wanted to share this song with you guys because it’s a romantic Italian song by famous singer Andrea Bocelli.


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