Hecho en México

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Since culture is a big part of my identity and my everyday life, here is a video of a documentary that was made last year about México and all of its wonderful cultural aspects. In my eyes Guadalajara, Jalisco, the state in México where my is from, is like the California of the country because, like California, it has all the “areas” that everyone loves. It has a big main city, Guadalajara, a forest region, a beach, Puerto Vallarta, and a desert. I have gone many times in my childhood to Guadalajara and to Purepero, Michoacan, where my mom is from, to become closer to my heritage and culture. Recently my dad and I have been planning to visit my grandma again during spring break. I can’t wait to go and have the best foods that I remember having such as: lonches de puerco, coctel de camarón, liquado de chocolate, and more. My dad told me that we would also visit the University of Guadalajara! Besides all that you guys should check out this movie, especially if you are the kind of person that likes to travel.


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