Mi Cultura

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Just today, on a normal school morning, as I was walking over to my friend Katelyn, where we usually hang out in the morning by the cafeteria, as I approached her I was singing under my breath one of my favorite songs in Spanish. When she heard me she said, “Oh E-man, you and your Spanish music”. I responded by telling her all the wonderful things that Spanish music has taught me. To be apart of my culture’s music (Mexican) makes me feel prideful and proud to be a Mexican, especially since I know 1 guy at school who is racist to me because I’m Mexican. But I use his insults to motivate myself to work harder because I know that stereotipically a person wouldn’t think of a Mexican in a rich, high end, smart job. I want to turn that idea around, because with smarts, a high end job, and a good education comes respect. My uncle, when he used to live in Guadalajara, Jalisco went to the Univerity of Guadalajara and majored in architecture. Now he works here in the U.S. doing his job for rich older folks. Anyways, me singing at school. So when Katelyn said this, right then and there I pulled out my ipod to show her why I enjoy it so much. First I showed her a traditional mariachi song that I really like by Alejandro Fernandez called “No Sé Olvidar”. She  wasn’t too fond if it. After that I decided to show her a Spanish pop song that I knew she would like, called “Hay Algo que me Gusta de tí” by Wisin y Yandel. Check them out! This reminds me of my project that I did for Mr. Therialt, since my group talked about a cultural perspective in the book Frankenstein. I am very proud of my culture, los Mexicanos, and our traditions. My family has always kept all of our traditions, for example when I talk to my dad I do my best to only talk to him in Spanish (besides he obviously knows and understands more Spanish than English). When I was six years old, and first learning how to play the trumpet, my parents put me in a mariachi group called R.I.T.H.Y.M.O. In it I expanded my Spanish vocabulary with the songs I would learn how to sing. It was the best, I can never forget the suit, so cool! As I grow up and live on my own I still intend to practice all the traditions that my parents taught me and raised me with.


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