How Deep is the Ocean

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I love the way Marvin Stamm plays his solos in Jazz. If you guys notice in this video he spends most of the time playing trumpet with his eyes closed even though he has a music stand right in front of him. Yesterday I had a great rehearsal with my Jazz group Operation Jazz. So far we have two songs solid Moondance by Van Morrison and Careless Whisper by Wham! After those two I have been looking around for other songs that we could play that sound great. In the “ideas pot” I have In the Mood, Portuguese Love, Begin to Beguine, and others. I hope that in the future I could play trumpet in a Jazz band that gets hired to a lot of gigs at clubs and hotels. So if anyone needs a Jazz band to play anywhere let me know. We have already played a short demonstration for the public songs from our set list before. One day when I was looking around YouTube for trumpet improvisation solos I found this video of Marvin Stamm with his Jazz group.  Speaking of “picking up the pieces”, you see what I did there, since in my English class I am reading Frankenstein who is made of human organs and body parts; “pieces”. Anyway in a Jazz group, we could think of it like this, each instrument is a body part that when put together bring life to black notes on a sheet music. I will post Operation Jazz’s recordings on here later so you guys could hear how we sound. In a month or two we will perform at the main bowl plaza of my school to present to the students and teachers what have been working on.


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