One Last Time

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As most of you have heard in the morning announcements, the FVRR has performed its 2013 Christmas parade at Disneyland. It was a success, of course, unfortunately since I am a senior this is the last time I will ever march with those blue uniforms on and off the field. Marching band has been a huge part in my life in high school and it has transformed me into the man I am today. I have shared so many great memories with the friends I made while in band that are worth a life time. I wish I could stay in the Regiment for many more years, that’s how much I love it and the people who run it. Marching band is just a whole-nother world where time, dedication, hard work, talent, music, and exercise come together to give birth to greatness with a united determined group. The only thing I regret, is not joining band Freshman year. Thank you Mr. Wampler. Just like Mr. Wampler, Mr. Therialt gives us information that will help us in the future for real life application, not only involving school related topics but social and moral advice. For example: the first dates presentation (was the best), the moral viewpoints behind the stories we read such as Othello and Hamlet. With the whole What if project Mr.Therialt is giving us the opportunity to think outside the box on how to better our community; is there a need for anything? Some philosophers would say “everything happens for a purpose”.


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