Jazz, It is what it is

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Hey guys it’s Monday, you know what that means? Jazz practice! I always love going to jazz practice, especially when it’s for our innovation project. It’s a time and place where I can really let out my emotions through my trumpets’ bell. If I’m feeling excited and energetic that’s what it’ll sound like when I play: fast, all over the place, and of course high. If I’m feeling chill I will play something smooth and groovy. Since my brother and I watch Key and Peele on Comedy Central this episode was on their show one day and it involved jazz. The whole time I was glued to the TV to see what style of jazz they would play, and it turned out great! I just had to show you guys. Something my private teacher once told me was,”Remember, we play from the player through the horn, not the other way around”. To me, statistically and spiritually, it means that you the player must always think about what you are trying to create, not the trumpet “slotting” notes for you just because you blow air. Don’t let the instrument hold you back from reaching what you want to play. The instrument is the amplifier from your heart to those around you.


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