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Last week my cousin showed me this awesome video promo. for this month long concert in Switzerland called Tomorrowland. It occurs once a year towards the end of July. The way that you can go is by getting together a group of 18 friends that each pitch in a thousand dollars for their “ticket to ride”. You get to travel there in an exclusive Tomorrowland plane with other voyagers (have to be 18 or older to go). People come from all over the world to experience this adventure. With the money that the group pitches in they also get all inclusive hotel rooms at the Tomorrowland resort. This is not just a concert, they also have a Tomorrowland plaza to go enjoy other activities. I know that someday I would like to go with my friends to Tomorrowland. In a way it is like Disneyland and Disney’s Tomorrowland considering that it has these condo’s that the people stay in along with a camping sort of feeling to it because you and your friends can make a fire in a pit with the night sky above you. This reminds me of when we read Hamlet how all of soldiers have to stand guard at night patrolling around the castle in case of any invaders or attacks, especially if Poland and Norway want to really start a war for bits of land that they will risk many lives for. So at night when they are relieved of their duty they can go relax and hang out with their friends.


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