Jazz Improvisation

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Yesterday Operation Jazz, my jazz group, had their first rehearsal together. I’m going to be honest here, the practice went better that I imagined! I was expecting the musicians to slowly stop playing after the first five lines of music, but no! It turned out that I was one who had gotten lost and had to cut everyone, so we could all be on the “same page”. When I did so they asked me why I cut, “I was jammin”, they replied with excitement. I had forgotten that this was an elite team of musicians in my jazz band. After that I set my mind on perfecting the song with style and everything. Our first number is “Moondance” by Van Morrison that is currently in progress and near completion. We have a list of other songs that we all agreed on that will be coming soon. I found this video late at night while feeling in the mood for some jazz tunes. The man playing the trumpet explains later in the video how he comes up with “the notes” or what to play when he hears a call and response to a jazzy tune. There is a need for a young group of talented musicians to play jazz here in FV. It’s time for Operation Jazz.


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