Month: November 2013

Counting Stars

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After four months I finally got my hair cut! I went to a Paul Mitchell salon because my cousin goes to school there and I figured, why not. It’s not every day that I get to say that I went to get my hair cut at Paul Mitchell. Aside from all the top of the line grooming a lot of girls were hanging around getting hair done too. When I first got there with my messed up hair they paid no attention to me. However once my cousin was more than half way done they began to glue their eyes on the guy with the cool hair cut.  Anyway while I was getting my hair cut I heard this song for the first time, and it got stuck in my head for the rest of the day. In the lyrics of the song he says a few things that really puzzle me and agree with me. For instance “instead of counting dollars we’ll be counting stars…make that money watch it burn”, this puzzles me because in a lot of media, especially music, the artists talk about living large and having a lot of money partying. According to this phrase the artist doesn’t care about money, he just wants to be with his girl counting stars. I can agree with him that money isn’t everything, especially since Thanksgiving is this week, we should be together with our families eating a good meal together.


Jazz Improvisation

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Yesterday Operation Jazz, my jazz group, had their first rehearsal together. I’m going to be honest here, the practice went better that I imagined! I was expecting the musicians to slowly stop playing after the first five lines of music, but no! It turned out that I was one who had gotten lost and had to cut everyone, so we could all be on the “same page”. When I did so they asked me why I cut, “I was jammin”, they replied with excitement. I had forgotten that this was an elite team of musicians in my jazz band. After that I set my mind on perfecting the song with style and everything. Our first number is “Moondance” by Van Morrison that is currently in progress and near completion. We have a list of other songs that we all agreed on that will be coming soon. I found this video late at night while feeling in the mood for some jazz tunes. The man playing the trumpet explains later in the video how he comes up with “the notes” or what to play when he hears a call and response to a jazzy tune. There is a need for a young group of talented musicians to play jazz here in FV. It’s time for Operation Jazz.


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Ghost! But I thought that Halloween was over, I don’t know, I celebrate Día de Los Muertos. Anyways in Hamlet, at the beginning of the story, Bernardo and Marcellus see a ghost while on guard duty in the late night. This reminds me of Halloween night when friends are hanging out and they just happen to be situated in a “haunted maze” with fog all around to scare them even more. They tried to speak to it but overall they were just freaked out by it and instead ran to inform Hamlet.  Later on when Hamlet was determined to see the ghost that Marcellus and Bernardo claim to be his father. It turns out that it really was the kings’ ghost. He told Hamlet that he was not in heaven, somewhere else not as pleasant. King Hamlet told his son the murder plan that Claudius had committed in killing him to bestow the thrown and his wife. Now he asks his son to avenge his unnatural murder and death by killing King Claudius. Along with that idea I just saw the movie After Earth yesterday, and in it Will Smith spoke of fear. He said,”Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. Fear is a choice, we are all telling our self’s a story”.


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Recently, at the beginning of this school year as well, I have been through what seems like a computer hard drive! I feel this way because at school I do so much, I’m involved in so much that nothing really gets done. No matter how much fun marching band is, sometimes it feels like a waste of time due to the mounds of homework, tests, SAT, family time and applications that I need to work on and study for to prepare myself for college.  It feels like I am the hard drive while my teachers are the programmers shoving formulas, subjects, languages, theory, politics, and literature into my head that I need time to back it up. Not too long ago I started a jazz band called Operation Jazz, which is a small group; I like it like that. When I was searching up possible songs that we could practice I found one in particular that made me feel hopeful that even though in the present life might not be the best, it will blossom into something great. I remember one of my friends tell me once that “in order for the arrow to go forward first it must be pulled back”. The song is called Rise by Herb Alpert, a jazz trumpet soloist. Just as Hamlet is feeling blue about the death of his father, in the beginning of the play, I am feeling down about my packed life.