Head Games

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Iago is at it again! Back for more deceiving drama within the friends of Othello to make them suffer grievances that he indirectly causes.  This time he deceived Cassio in losing his position as lieutenant if the army under General Othello. In Act II Iago intends to force Othello to relieve Cassio from his duty as lieutenant, the position that he wishes he had, to give him joy that Cassio is no longer in a high rank.  So that night when Cassio is on the job Iago invites him for a drink to relax him from the distress getting him drunk. Iago is a two faced deceiving man, so he becomes secret best friends with Cassio. A few moments later Iago makes Montano and Cassio have a sword fight, besides the fact that Cassio is drunk, wounding Montano. Then Iago has Roderigo sound the bell to intentionally wake Othello. When they are all together Othello demands to know how this quarrel began, but no one wants to blame anyone, therefore Othello relieved Cassio of his duty because he is in charge and didn’t tell him the truth about the matter. Afterwords Iago gives pity and hope to Cassio saying that he can possibly get his job back if he tells Desdemona to talk to Othello about him and how he deserves to have it back. When he goes to tell her and sees Othello approaching he flees to not be seen by him begging to have his wife help him out. Othello with Iago see him flee as Desdemona begins talking about him on the matter that occurred earlier. After she leaves Iago persuades Othello that Cassio was “hitting” on Desdemona, implying that she is not true to him. She did, after all, disobey her father to marry him, proving that she might not be cunning on the other side of her beautiful face. When Iago tells him his thoughts Othello becomes emotional and begins to question her trust. This song by Foreigner, Head Games, has lyrics expressing how much the guy always thinks about his girl but suspects that something isn’t right, that there is something that he doesn’t know. All he ever gets is head games, but he doesn’t want to play. For Othello Iago is playing head games on him and the others.


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